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Live environment equipment and cabling removal, disposal and managed data destruction (through CESG approved partners) with potential project cost savings through resale.

Our decommissioning offering is a managed equipment and server Decommissioning, Disposal and Data Destruction service.  It operates using a strong foundation of structured management, engineering practices and electronic asset tracking techniques to ensure a full Chain of Custody management process.  Our team will work with you to help identify and recommend the best methods for the disposal and recycling of your redundant IT equipment.


We offer a flexible approach to all decommissioning work as we understand that retention periods, secure disposal, asset disposal policies and lead times need to be accounted for.


We only work with ADISA certified disposal companies to ensure that your decommissioned equipment is protected to the point of absolute destruction.  You too, always have the option to witness the entire process if you so wish.


The service comprises of three main elements which can be utilised individually or in unison to provide a flexible solution for your business.



- Network equipment and server de-racking in your Data Centre racks using our team of highly skilled engineers.

- Full cable audit, removal and recovery

- Component removal and recovery

- Full data collection and reporting



- Off-site removal to a designated disposal or recycling facility

- On-site collection and destruction options

- On-site packaging and storage or relocation to client specified location

- Regular collection and “buy back” process setup



- Data never leaves the client site in a recoverable format

- High capacity disk erasure using Tabernus and Blancco software

- Multiple options available for disk destruction ranging from MOD certified disk shredding to onsite degaussing and punching.

- All equipment and hard drives tracked by serial number

- Certificates of removal and data destruction are issued by JSC


JSC is highly experienced in working both above and below the raised floor conducting decommissioning and strip out works in live environments.  We follow strict procedures when removing cabling and equipment to ensure that the operation remains as low risk as possible.



- Full data collection and reporting

- Chain of Custody managed processes

- WEEE directive and ethical processing

- CESG approved data destruction

- Security cleared engineers

- On site data destruction options

- Easy to combine with our other services

- Potential “buy-back” savings to project costs




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