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JSC’s end to end physical Migration service utilises our own highly experienced engineers, techniques and management to deliver fully planned, risk managed successful projects. We can take total ownership of the relocation from end to end to ensure that there is a seamless migration and integration of processed, keeping downtime and risks to an absolute minimum. Depending on your migration strategy and whether you decide to migrate your equipment and services physically or virtually or include technical refresh and decommissioning, JSC will support you throughout and can offer services to support all activities.

Our six stage migration (below) approach ensures an unrivalled, dependable service delivered to high quality and low risk with predictable results.

We are the first and only migration company in Europe to offer an ADISA certified technical migration service for complete quality and asset security assurance with fully auditable Chain of Custody processes and management. Only JSC offers real-time client alerting and GPS tracking management of every vehicle as standard, helping us to ensure complete peace of mind and security from start to finish.

Advanced Asset Tracking as Standard
Every client is granted access to our vehicle tracking portal. The portal shows real time location and tracking information of the vehicles via web or mobile devices for the duration of the relocation.

We can also help our clients to achieve smoother migrations, improved resource utilisation and reduced impact on their migration teams. Automatic alerts can be generated for arrival and departure times and for late night and antisocially timed migrations, directly inform engineers when they are required rather than have them waiting onsite.

“Advanced alerting reduces the amount of unnecessary time spent on site and ensures resources are effective and utilised properly.”

Migrations with Cloud Support
Before migrating equipment, all businesses will need to consider rationalising their estate. This can be achieved through decommissioning of equipment, consolidation, virtualisation and removal of DAS (direct attached storage) assets; moving them to SAN based storage. The cloud can also be used in these situations to provide a cost effective alternative. If viable, the cloud can be used to completely remove the physical server requirement and provide either a temporary or permanent virtual solution. For clients that do not wish to run services from the cloud permanently, organisations can simply use the cloud as a way of providing a “backup” service to live servers in order to reduce or remove the risk of physically migrating or refreshing equipment.

Additional services from JSC’s extensive range of offerings can be integrated into the migration service in order to provide you with the very best outcomes for your project. This includes patching, auditing, base configuration options, pre and post migration preparation and decommissioning.

JSC has developed a flexible range of pre and post migration services to help make your data centre transition run more smoothly. Working alongside your technical and project teams, we will integrate with your migration project to provide a tailored preparation and support service which helps you to achieve your main project objectives and remove some of the issues before move day arrives.

Whether you are looking to decommission the old facility entirely and redevelop or upgrade or reuse and re-provision the space for further data centre services, JSC’s package of post data centre/server migration services works with you to help you meet these objectives.
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“Avoid Tin Migration”
Running live equipment in a data centre generates significant overhead cost to the business; this is no secret. Equipment located in a data centre that doesn’t need to be there costs the business substantially more than just power charges as it reduces capacity within racks, infrastructure and the network and may even affect the company’s ability to stay competitive should that equipment impede delivery of critical projects.

The very best migration strategies always consider options to consolidate, virtualise, decommission and re-design before planning the physical migration of any equipment. With enterprise Cloud services also now more accessible than ever, companies have the ability to take a truly holistic approach to their migration and technical refresh initiatives.

This strategy can not only help to reduce the overall footprint of the future requirement but significantly reduce the risk and project delivery time of the migration.


  • De-installation and re-installation by highly skilled, specialist engineers

  • Basic courier service through to advanced migration, re-cabling and configuration

  • All equipment tracked by serial number

  • Secure, foam lined, server flight cases

  • Fully insured equipment relocation

  • Specialist large equipment handling

  • Simple unit pricing with low offering complexity and MOQ

  • Satellite tracked, solid sided dedicated vehicles

  • Various service options available, which can be mixed and matched to your requirements

  • Full documentation pre and post task check and update

  • Security cleared Staff

  • Secure transportation