International Co-Lo Migration

International Co-Lo Migration

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A major Indian based IT outsourcing company (the “client”) requiring large scale (30+) multi-site server installations within the UK in co-location space provided by a major international service and data centre hosting supplier in two UK based data centres.


Hardware installations were taking up to seven separate site visits by different client teams in order to complete the installation, cabling and commissioning of a device. This process was difficult to manage, time consuming, costly and required a lot of administration from both the client and DC hosting company.


Through the hosting company, JSC was engaged to help streamline the installation process. Working directly with the client Data Centre Manager, JSC employed a standard set of processes to allow an easy call-off service for equipment installations which included all hardware installation, base configuration and standardised labelled cabling. The service predominantly covers Sun, HP, IBM and some Cisco equipment. As part of this process, and as a result of the immediate benefits realised of the initial engagement, JSC was requested to undertake a large scale ‘rack re-stack and remediation’ programme comprising full equipment and connection auditing, complete equipment removal and reinstallation to JSCs best standards of data centre practice. This rolling programme of works was completed successfully during out of hours periods over the course of nine months with in excess of 30 racks attended.


Major Improvements in the management and efficient use of space, power and cooling within the hosted data centres. This process helped to reduce the engineer site visits to just two, all completed by sub-contractors with no additional site visits required by the client. Provision of streamlined hardware installation and cabling services including unit pricing. Consolidated and logical cable management, which benefits future capacity management and problem resolution. To find out more about JSC’s extensive range of data centre services and solutions, please contact