Office Rack Replacement, Austria

Office Rack Replacement, Austria

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As a part of a rollout of consolidated network and voice services across all sites within the UK and Europe, a UK based international investment company required a complete rack replacement exercise an IT facility in Vienna, Austria. The network team had difficulty sourcing a provider capable of completing an upgrade and improving the environment in preparation for the planned equipment deployment within their required timescale.


By carrying out a detailed remote evaluation of the facility, and by working with both the on-site support and the network team, JSC was able to determine the exact requirements and progress to planning and procurement stages. Upgrades were designed to resolve the following issues: The current rack capacity was insufficient and, therefore, not fit for purpose. All IT equipment within the server room was illogically distributed both within a network rack and wall mounted. No power protection, rack/ cabling plan or equipment labelling was in existence.


Extensive planning and auditing was carried out in order to fully appraise the situation and determine the precise requirements. Office downtime was agreed with the local client and IT teams and all work was carried out over the weekend, with zero disruption to the business. JSC supplied all required equipment, including racks, cables and cable management. All removals and re-installations were carried out in a structured manner which was fully auditable. Cables and equipment were relabelled and documentation supplied at final handover. In conjunction with the client and European support teams, JSC engaged in comprehensive pre and post on-site testing, all of which was fully documented.


Immediate improvements were realised in the management and efficient use of space, power resilience, and cooling. Increased capacity was built into the site, thus enabling future proofing and satisfaction of project deliverables. Changes were executed in a non-disruptive manner to the business JSC enabled a UK led managed service to a continental European situation. To find out more about JSC’s extensive range of data centre services and solutions, please contact