Oracle Migration – Grenoble, France

Oracle Migration – Grenoble, France

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Sunspeed, one of Europe’s leaders in server transport and IT relocations commissioned JSC to provide complex migration services and management to its client Oracle, one of the world’s largest computer technology corporations, at offices situated in Grenoble, France. The French office consisted of one central communications room and eight satellite ‘labs’, each containing multiple servers individually configured within a highly complex software build, test and development environment. There was a requirement to consolidate the eight labs into a single core data centre on the same site. Four of the labs were designated as High Priority and within this group, one lab was designated as highly business critical, which required server relocation during a limited quarterly planned maintenance window, with no time leakages permitted. The project also required effecting major improvements to network and server integrity, identity and management. This, together with a requirement for one hundred percent guaranteed like for like transfer of equipment, without failure, provided JSC with an ideal opportunity to fully display its capabilities in a trust assured and totally quality managed situation.


– During preliminary audit work, a diverse range of challenging issues quickly became apparent: – An absence of labelling protocols, which impeded rapid identification of equipment; – Cables installed to multiple colour schemes, with variable standards of quality; – An absence of patching/asset documentation; – Inadequate existing infrastructure (e.g. small number of patch panels present); – Relatively limited data centre expertise on site; – Ambitious timescales and demanding customer expectations; – Required management of highly business critical issues


A comprehensive site survey was carried out, which included a detailed equipment and complete end-to-end patching audit. In preparation for the migration and to begin forming part of the infrastructure management information handover, all equipment and cabling was labelled and all details fully documented in accordance with JSC’s infrastructure planning and quality assurance protocols. Information collected from the preliminary audit was then fully analysed and newly designed rack plans and patch schedules were created for the migration. The analysis further revealed that seven additional racks, rather than the originally estimated five, would be required for an optimum configuration. Following client agreement and sign-off of the detailed designs, JSC then progressed to creating the final design and migration documents, including migration pick lists, source/destination rack plans and full patch schedules. In order to fulfil the migration within the required timescales and achieve the required migration quality criteria, JSC engineers attended site to complete pre-patching of the environment. Our skilled engineers used specialised techniques and equipment to ensure that the highly populated racks were fully serviceable and that there was no impedance to the re-installation of the equipment. Pre-patching ensures that all required data and power cables are installed into the racks prior to migration activities taking place. It also enables a faster re-commissioning time and allows for error checking to be completed beforehand. Due to the highly condensed timescales, the JSC engineers remained on site following the pre-patch to complete the migration support activities. This work was performed ‘out of hours’ and followed behind the relocation engineers to complete the final power and data connections and cable dressing. All final connections were then subjected to our final checking procedures, which confirmed that every single data connection, of which there were over 1000, as working correctly; a 100% success rate!


This project demonstrated a highly successful migration of extremely business critical equipment within an agreed and challenging timescale. JSC was able to completely transform a disordered data centre installation into an organised rack configuration, easily manageable and identifiable. The client was provided with fully documented rack plans, asset schedules and patch schedules for their ongoing system management. The client now enjoys a consistent, uniform quality standard of equipment identification and documentation, cable specifications/categories etc. The services provided by JSC far exceeded customer expectations. This has encouraged and stimulated the development of a new level of quality for the provider organisation. To find out more about JSC’s extensive range of data centre services and solutions, please contact