White & Case, a global law firm, who work with some of the worlds most respected and well-established financial institutions and businesses, required specialist installation and migration support during a major project to upgrade the core, distribution and access network hardware of their London office. The upgrade comprised over 50 new network devices, removal of multiple chassis based switches, rack power bar upgrades and cabling audit and installation.


By carrying out a detailed evaluation of the project brief, conducting site visits and audits, and by working alongside the network team, JSC was able to determine the exact requirements and constraints of the project and progress immediately to planning stages.

The following issues and constraints were identified:

– A very limited downtime window and disruption allowance to the business was permitted

– White & Case required support in a live environment; staff often work extended hours and weekends

– Multiple switch replacement/upgrades on multiple floors and rooms within those floors

– Re-patching of new switches

– New power bars required in racks to properly serve new network infrastructure

– Inter-floor fibre cabling changes were required


JSC consulted fully with the client to ensure priority status was given to high level business critical tasks and a detailed audit was carried out in order to fully understand and scope the works required. JSC then designed and agreed a project/implementation plan with the client for the work to be completed rapidly over two weekends:

Weekend when all necessary preliminary and enabling works, e.g. identification, pre-patching, labelling of switches, was carried out.

Weekend removal of x 10 Cisco multi blade switch chassis’, replaced with a new Cisco infrastructure with over 50 new switches, re-patched and re-dressed. Installation of new power bars to all racks and the laying of new inter-floor fibre cabling.

On completion of the above tasks, full support service was provided to the client in the event of any post transfer issues (there were none of significance).


Changes were executed in a non disruptive manner to the business.

Outsourcing hardware upgrades and cabling work to JSC, allowed the client to utilise its own IT staff to the full, e.g. concentrating on network processing etc, thus resulting in labour cost savings.

JSC’s high standard of installation and cabling also resulted in issues taking less time to resolve and less physical interaction requirement to resolve those issues.

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