Supporting our clients with geographically remote co-lo hosted equipment with more than just the base “Hands and Eyes” services provided by the hosting companies; our client base extends to Europe and the US. We ensure a dependable and reliable “systems aware” service is provided which can support anything from equipment installation through to troubleshooting and emergency support. Exacting client standards, communication and documentation are adopted to ensure that clients have complete visibility and control over their environments.

We can, with prior client approval, actively manage and plan installations to ensure local access, hardware approvals and changes are raised appropriately thereby streamlining the process and minimising delays through time zone differences and language barriers.


  • Enhanced “remote hands” service
  • Full lifecycle services for all hosted equipment

  • Troubleshooting, configuration and incident support

  • Excellent support for clients with equipment hosted in remote locations

  • Full JSC services offering available covering every aspect of environment management

  • DCIM information management and continuous update for effective support

  • Streamlined, efficient, risk managed approach to ensure maximum value

  • Proactive, quality based engineers providing best in class service

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