Data Centre Migration

Mitigate risk and minimise downtime with our best-in-class, • fully-managed enterprise and server relocation services.

Relocating your IT infrastructure is fraught with risk. You need to know that your critical data — and your business — are in the very safest of hands.

We’re data centre migration specialists. Our end-to-end relocation services incorporate everything you need to ensure your migration runs efficiently and securely, from meticulous pre-cabling, to industry-leading project management, to state-of-the-art asset tracking.

Expert Management

End-to-end management of your migration project, from scheduling to commissioning and resource planning.


We’ll work with you to design
complete technical and migration plans.


Reduce costs and minimise risk with extensive rack, asset, cable and network auditing.

GPS Tracking

Real-time GPS tracking system & smart alerting, for your peace of mind,


Mitigate risk and minimise
downtime with detailed prepatching and cable pre-provision.

De-racking and Re-racking

Secure removal, transportation and
reinstallation of your devices, fully insured from start to finish.

World-Leading Security

First company in Europe to attain ADISA certification for Migration Services

Using our real-time GPS tracking system, secure, foam lined, server flight cases and
vehicles coupled with security cleared engineers gives you the peace of mind that
your relocation is in safe, trusted hands.

Meticulous planning

Preparation is the key to every successful migration.

This reduces a massive amount of risk, and improves operability and
manageability of the operation, etc (TBC)

Finding the best outcome for your business

We’ll always consider options to rationalise an environmental before migrating it.

Your company might benefit from consolidating, virtualising, decommissioning
or re-designing before planning the virtual or physical migration of your