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We see a number of smaller computer rooms, where it has simply not been cost effective to install fire protection systems, but that doesn’t make your IT systems any less critical to the organisation.  At Joyce Solutions, we understand that you need innovative, value for money and flexible solutions to meet your current needs, which is why we have partnered with Redetec.

Fire Protection Where It Counts
Instead of installing room-based systems, which can be expensive, and potentially destructive, Redetec puts fire protection at the point of greater risk; for faster detection & fire suppression; ensuring continuous asset availability & protection. Each unit is 2U and is installed at the top of your rack.

Budget Friendly
Why protect a whole room when you can concentrate on protecting high risk, high value, equipment at source rack level. IN the event of a fire, the single rack will be extinguished leaving the rest of the room operating normally.This helps to maintain operations for longer, and reduces costly downtime. Redetec also uses less suppressant gas which makes it more environmentally-friendly and can move with the rack – no need for re-installation should you decide to relocate.

Redetec uses less extinguishant gas and moves with the rack with no need for re-installation.

Cost Effective Solutions
Redetec solutions do not need extensive design calculations, room strengthening or costly wiring. Units are sized according to your rack, and are installed quickly and hassle-free, enabling immediate fire protection for your equipment.

Installation, commissioning and maintenance overheads are all reduced in a more effective solution.  We are a fully approved installer, which allows us to offer a full service – including support – for all installations.  To fully protect your systems, you may also want to consider a small UPS system for fully-managed power control in your comms room.