Our cabling standards are second to none and we continue to be used as a reference installer for our co-lo clients.


At the core of every data centre lays its data cabling. Whether it is the dressed cabling running to equipment or the high density patch and telecoms racks incorporating multiple media types, no data centre would operate without it. JSC takes cabling very seriously and considers it to be one of our core areas of installation excellence and innovation. We work in partnership with our clients to develop effective, affordable, manageable, future proofed standards and designs for new data centres as well as providing installation services for a variety of situations and requirements.

We recognise the critical importance of high quality equipment cabling and cable management within a Data Centre and understand the value it has with the operational management of the equipment. Based upon our extensive experience within the industry, we are able to provide you with server cabling, server patching and pre-patching, and cable harnessing as part of both data centre migration exercises and new equipment installations. We also work with best in class partners to provide the very best structured cabling solutions which utilise the very latest industry offerings.

JSC has extensive experience of pre-patching and cable looming as part of data centre migration and management as well as offering high quality server and equipment cabling which enables you to keep equipment fully manageable and get the most from your investment.