DC Infrastructure design ranging from structured cabling layouts and floor plans through to detailed rack plans and full capacity modelling.


A poorly planned infrastructure risks the introduction of future capacity, cooling and cabling issues and may drastically increase the costs of on-going maintenance and consumables. With data centre IT equipment running at ever high densities and capacities, it is imperative to have accurate plans which account for connectivity, heat, power and air flow requirements for every element.

Our skilled individuals integrate with your migration or build project to design quality, deliverable solutions which complement your budget, approach and technology base. We can, of course, introduce new designs into your existing facilities for gradual rollout as part of longer term upgrade programmes too.

We have extensive experience of designing solutions which maximise the effectiveness of your staff, equipment, power and cabling infrastructures with the data centre. Our engagements have ranged from the design of single rack layouts and cabling schemas to entire high density data centre cabling and rack infrastructure layouts, proofed and capacity planned for years of growth.


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