[London, September 2018]

Redetec and Joyce Solutions announce today a partnership to serve UK businesses with smaller data centres, which house critical infrastructure. Both companies, who are known for their expertise in data centre services and high levels of customer satisfaction, have formed a partnership to deliver rack-based fire protection solutions, and on-going support, more efficiently across the UK.

With data centres running hotter than ever before due to advancements in hardware and changes in ASHRAE guidance, thermal risk is an ever-present consideration in any size data centre. In addition, there are a growing number of edge data centres, varying in size, that are generally located closest to the users that they serve, which is not necessarily in a city. Therefore, more innovative solutions are required to keep the infrastructure safe and online. Joyce Solutions and Redetec bring together flexible, mobile offerings to serve these evolving environments.

“It’s an exciting partnership, which enables us to offer our clients immediate, cost-effective fire protection for their critical infrastructure. For many of our long-standing clients, this product will offer peace of mind in smaller, but no less critical, satellite and distributed sites. We’re particularly looking forward to offering this alongside our UPS and rack solutions to provide a fully autonomous critical systems infrastructure.” said Paul Joyce about the partnership.

The partnership enables higher availability of engineers to install, commission and support the rack-based fire protection system, which challenges traditional in-room solutions. It offers a more targeted, and cost-effective suppressant solution than room flooding systems generally available, and leverages Joyce Solutions’ FlexSupport offering (mobile engineers) for maximum efficiency. The two companies look to serve companies who have critical infrastructure in smaller comms room, or satellite offices that require fire protection systems to link into the local BMS / alerting system.

Oliver Hopwood of Redetec commented “We’re the only UK manufacturer of this type of solution, and having solid and dependable partners to help us get the product to market in the best way possible for our customers, is a great step forward for us.”

If you would like to find out how we can help your business, please go to: www.joycesolutions.co.uk or contact us on: 01245 392572 or email venessa.moffat@joycesolutions.co.uk

About Joyce Solutions

Joyce Solutions provides both project-based and BAU services.  Their deep level of expertise and integration and technology experience saves customers money, decreases risk and increases efficiency of operations. 

Joyce Solutions spans all industries and serves world-wide delivering precise migration services, a range of new generation audit services, and meticulous installation and cabling services.  Their aim is to prove our value in the first and every subsequent contact they have with each customer.

To find out more please go to: https://www.joycesolutions.co.uk

About Redetec

Redetec Limited was established to develop better, more effective product solutions for the fire protection market.

The Redetec product is our complete, 19″ rack based fire suppression solution designed for the IT and Telecommunications industries but equally applicable for all other industry sectors. Redetec’s key advantages lie in its ability to deliver fire protection from within equipment racks, where the loss of high value assets and data due to fire is at its greatest.

Redetec Limited has since established itself as the system of choice for high value process and mission critical operation protection. Further enhancements including UL and LPCB approved Detection, SMTP / SNMP alerts and building management integration have helped to maintain our reputation for innovative value adding solutions.

Redetec Limited continues to develop effective fire solutions and the service organisation necessary to support our worldwide customer base. Working with strategic partners, we can now cover most strategically important market regions with sales and technical support structures.

You can find out more at: www.redetec.co.uk