It is important to maintain accurate information about your data centre environment, structured and patch cabling, assets and rack contents. As part of our provision of Data Centre services, JSC can assist you with both formulating and managing this important element.

The diagram below shows the importance of a central, managed DCIM tool and how every data centre task is influenced by the information it holds.


If your organisation doesn’t have a DCIM tool in place, we can introduce, in a structured format, a foundation level of information from which to build all of the other elements. We utilise proven infrastructure rack planning software to create detailed asset registers, rack plans and cabling schedules through our Audit offering.

With a DCIM tool in place, we can offer extended technical services for your environment, which includes capacity and space management and a faster return time on all post task information. Our expertise and ability covers many disciplines, which proves invaluable to clients with multiple project delivery streams and dependencies on the data centre.

In order to provide a cost effect and flexible approach, we have a variety of comprehensive DCIM packages available with various options for regular managed updates which include visual inspection and health checks of the racks and contents.

We’re also equally happy to work with client’s in-house asset tracking and data centre infrastructure planning tools using regular inspections to ensure accuracy.