Key Features

  • Full patch and power cabling capability
  • Secure, foam lined, server flight cases

  • Fully insured from start to finish

  • GPS web tracking, and smart alerting

  • Large or heavy equipment transportation

  • Security cleared staff

  • Comprehensive technical documentation

  • De-rack and re-rack

Diligent Approach

  • Saves time and resources
  • Minimises risks
  • Reduces costs
  • Improves quality
  • Improves infrastructure management
  • Independently certified for quality assurance

Whether you’re relocating a single server or moving your entire data centre; we provide, fully managed, IT and enterprise relocation services completely tailored to your requirements.  Our highly efficient offering incorporates everything you need to ensure that your server relocation project runs smoothly; on time, and on budget with minimal risks.

Covering all bases

We cover all aspects of the relocation including site surveys, planning assistance, asset and cable auditing, de-racking and re-racking, power and patch cabling.  Using our real-time GPS tracking system, secure flight cases and vehicles coupled with our highly skilled and experienced teams, gives you the peace of mind that your relocation is in safe, trusted hands.

Getting the best possible outcome for your Business

Where possible we always consider options to rationalise an environment before migrating it.  Your company might benefit from consolidating, virtualising, decommissioning or re-designing before planning the virtual or physical migration of your infrastructure.

This strategy can not only help to reduce the overall footprint of the future requirement but significantly reduce the risk and project delivery time of the migration.

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