Whether you’re deploying one server or an entire multi-rack environment, we can pre-install components, equipment, cabling and build the racks in our secure off-site location to your exact specification.

Staging space, waste removal, administration and deployment time are all reduced as you’ll only need to arrange for a single delivery to site. Our multi-skilled teams can pre-load and configure the software and devices for you, perform various test cycles to ensure full operability and provide full reporting in order to ensure that you have dependable, instant access once delivered and powered up on site.

Our build process is strictly managed and subject to stringent security and quality control throughout.


  • Reduced site disruption

  • Reduced delivery and staging space requirements

  • Reduced risk

  • Reduced errors

  • Faster deployment

  • Secure build and storage

  • Pre-configuration and software build

  • Simplified installation

  • Significantly reduced installation time

  • Zero packaging waste to manage at site

  • Rigorous quality control and full documentation

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