Every data centre needs a solid foundation of information from which to work. Whether you are managing 1 or 1000 devices, the principles of information accuracy, planning and information management remain the same.

The importance of auditing and infrastructure planning can often be overlooked due to other project objectives; however, its value should never be underestimated. Having a detailed understanding of the infrastructure not only helps to achieve successful data centre management but can yield extensive benefits by reducing costs, capacity management and project timelines.

During our extensive audits, JSC utilises its own proven data centre infrastructure management (DCIM) tool to store and maintain accurate information about your data centre environment, assets, data cabling and rack contents. We create detailed asset registers, rack plans and cabling schedules which assist in the support and management of the facility and provide the foundation information on which all projects and work can be launched from.

Our equipment auditing is packaged to make it convenient for you to understand exactly what we cover at each stage.  It’s also easy to scale to keep the growth of the DCIM tool, and processes to maintain it, manageable at each stage.  After the initial Equipment Asset Audit we can complete other audit modules to progressively build a powerful information repository, tailored to your exact requirements.


  • We conduct extensive rack, asset, cable and network auditing services

  • Suitable for all technical environments

  • We provide high quality data for use on any data centre management or project initiative

  • Rack Plans, Asset and Patch Schedules are created using proven, flexible software to capture and organise the audit data output

  • Fully comprehensive patching audits which include all port mapping, cable types and connection information for each connection in the facility

  • Proven processes and techniques are employed to minimise risk of disruption

  • Data captured directly to computer using barcode scanning and templates to minimize audit time and ensure accuracy

  • Work alongside your production processes to manage ongoing data requirements and information capture

  • Serial number scanning as standard

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