At the core of every data centre lays its data cabling. Whether it is the dressed cabling running to equipment or the high density patch and telecoms racks incorporating multiple media types, no data centre would operate without it. JSC takes cabling very seriously and considers it to be one of our core areas of installation excellence and innovation. We work in partnership with our clients to develop effective, affordable, manageable, future proofed standards and designs for new data centres as well as providing installation services for a variety of situations and requirements.

We recognise the critical importance of high quality equipment cabling and cable management within a Data Centre and understand the value it has with the operational management of the equipment. Based upon our extensive experience within the industry, we are able to provide you with server cabling, server patching and pre-patching, and cable harnessing as part of both data centre migration exercises and new equipment installations. We also work with best in class partners to provide the very best structured cabling solutions which utilise the very latest industry offerings.

JSC has extensive experience of pre-patching and cable looming as part of data centre migration and management as well as offering high quality server and equipment cabling which enables you to keep equipment fully manageable and get the most from your investment.

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We install all power and data and patch cabling based on a number of key elements:

Keep It Simple
We always aim to keep the standards, labelling and routing simple. This may sound a little glib but installations can become over complex for no real reason. Simple often means less cost and easier, faster management and maintenance. Too many cable colours, overly complex labelling and badly designed cable routing and management often just become ignored as they are too onerous to maintain and support.

Every cable, always labelled. It’s a simple principle that every one of our engineers works to. Whether it is power, copper or fibre, every cable always gets labelled with a unique ID at both ends (whether the client wants it or not). This hits two main elements for us i) when labelled, it enables us to check our work and ensure accuracy easily ii) it helps the client manage their environment more effectively and cuts down on troubleshooting time. Coupled with some colour coding and identification becomes even easier. Most clients, we find, soon adopt a standard and regime of cable labelling. Device labelling is also absolutely essential and we always ID equipment on the front and rear to ensure correct identification can be made when working on equipment.

This falls under identification but it’s worth mentioning in its own right as it’s what JSC is known for and what helps to ensure correct resilience, identification etc. Loud and proud for name labels; you have to be able to read, without ambiguity, the name of the equipment, we always use yellow labels as they’re the easiest to locate and are rarely confused with other labels on equipment.

Structured and managed routing and deployment
To help get the actual functionality of the cabling correct and to make the installation look excellent we always install the cables in the same order. This ensures that cables that need to be identified on a regular basis for troubleshooting/audit are accessible, cables that are more easily damaged are not buried and subject to stress and that core/critical cables are protected.

Where, over time, server and equipment cabling has been subject to many changes and varying standards of installation, the environment requires tidying and optimisation to improve maintenance and troubleshooting activities.  From a single server to entire racks we have extensive experience in completing re-dressing and re-stacking activities to enable clients to realise the full value of their infrastructure.

JSC firmly believes that no cable should be installed without some way of identifying it later; we practice this in every cabling task we carry out. We use a variety of methods from large scale pre-printing of serialised and descriptive labels to small scale temporary bespoke labelling. We offer colour coded power cables as standard and can work with any identification system that you may already have operating.

We also offer further value-added solutions to enable your support personnel to identify the connection types through the use of post installation colour coding techniques. We have found that complete cabling colour schemes are costly to operate and prone to error and supply issues; our solution offers a cost effective and easier to manage alternative.

We prepare the racks and supply and install power and data cables in readiness for data centre migration, large installation and technical refresh activities. This approach ensures a high level of efficiency and greatly reduces downtime and commissioning time by enabling time consuming activities to be spread over a greater time.

Due to the pre-patch being completed prior to the migration or installation activities it also enables a high degree of testing and interrogation of patching schedules and rack plans. This in turn helps to discover errors and issues that, if left to the migration or installation day, would cause time consuming, disruptive issues.

A pre-patched solution is always bespoke and there are many techniques employed to complete each environment. We do however always work to ensure that cable identification and management standards are maintained.

Download this white paper for invaluable information on data cabling options for large or time sensitive equipment migrations and deployments.


  • Server and network device patch cabling

  • Exemplary cable dressing standards and cable management

  • Improve equipment accessibility and management

  • Improved airflow

  • Pre-patching and rack preparation for time critical migrations and technical refresh

  • Re-dressing and tidying of unmanageable legacy installations

  • Cable provision

  • Cable containment design and installation

  • Specialists in risk managed live environment working

  • Cable identification as standard to improve tracing and troubleshooting

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