Our managed installation service covers everything from racks and servers through to blade chassis, SAN, switches and equipment components. Using our own team of highly skilled engineers and specialist equipment, we ensure that all installations are carried out accurately and safely and to our client’s exact requirements.

Our capabilities don’t stop at the point of installation either. We can complete cabling, base configuration, server builds, repairs, upgrades and component installation to ensure that the equipment is running as soon as possible. We also ensure that every device is labelled and record details for inclusion on your DCIM tools as standard.

If you’re struggling with managing the existing devices in your environment, we can also attend site and help you plan a re-stack and re-dress exercise in order to maximise your rack usage and improve the manageability and use of the equipment.

Our planned, quality managed range of data centre services and flexibility make JSC a logical choice for clients that require fully managed hardware installation services. This service is particularly suited and valuable to clients with remote co-location sites, large data centre environments or if running large scale refresh/installation programmes.


  • High quality server installation

  • Live environment working

  • Low risk installation practices

  • Full cabling support and installation

  • Fully documented installation reporting

  • HP, IBM, Dell, Oracle and Cisco equipment specialists

  • Specialist installers of blade, GRID and Cloud based   computing hardware and Enterprise class network equipment

  • Specialist lifting and installation equipment provided

  • Base level installation through to advanced cabling and configuration options available

  • Simple unit pricing

  • Flexible, 24/7 Service

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