Facilities and office audits are undertaken by assessing buildings, grounds, ports, desks and equipment, documenting the findings in order that you can manage your service options to increase efficiency, reduce waste, and save money. In this way, an audit provides the landscape against which all maintenance efforts and planning happens.

In order to fully and accurately cost your next office project, give us a call to help you audit your environment so that you have completely accurate figures to plan with.  Armed with this information, you can effectively plan and budget based on equipment life expectancy and accurate numbers.


  • Fast and accurate – audit anything.

  • Reporting, charting and dashboard immediately available

  • Fully comprehensive patching audits which include all port mapping, cable types and connection information for each connection in the facility

  • Proven processes and techniques are employed to minimise risk of disruption

  • Data captured directly to computer using barcode scanning and templates to minimize audit time and ensure accuracy

  • Work alongside your operational processes to manage ongoing data requirements and information capture

  • Serial number scanning as standard

Contact us now to learn more about our no-nonsense, fast, accurate and comprehensive auditing service.